Your Guide to Wienerkaffee

(For a guide to cafés in Vienna, go here)

In 2011, UNESCO adorned Viennese coffee as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’. That same year  Vienna was voted the #1 friendliest city in the world for expats. So there’s a high chance you’ll find yourself there. The astonishing variety can be confusing, so here’s a simple guide to the most common types:

Wiener Melange– equal parts espresso and milk foam- cappuccino, super dry edition.

Melange and buchteln at Hawelka

Kaisermelange– this sounds more like a baking recipe, but add one raw egg yolk, some honey or sugar, cognac, and cream to espresso. Whisk. Eh…

Franziskaner– my personal favorite, espresso doppio with a dollop of thick heavy cream. Julius Meinl makes a mean one.

Meinl’s famous Franziskaner. Traditionally served with a cup of water, Turkish style.

Einspanner– equal parts espresso and cream, like espresso con panna.

Einspanner – cream heaven

Maria Theresia– espresso with brandy, orange liqueur or Grand Marnier, topped with generous amounts of cream- a magisterial drink, like its namesake.

Brauner- Shot of espresso topped with some cream. The Viennese version of a macchiato.

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